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Tobias Diedler
Foto : Anna Stubbe
Tobias Diedler
"There are only two degrees while bouldering: possible or impossible."
Hamburg, 86er, FLASHH, setting since 2010, climbing since 2009
Why do you climb?
There is no better distraction from the question WHY? as climbing.
How does your training look like?
When I have spare time from all the setting days, I prefer to train in a structured, goal-oriented, weak-oriented and - above all - as healthy as possible way! Climbing as the only part of training is in deficit, so I try to include various elements of other sports and movement types in my training.
What is your advice for beginners?
Take your time before getting into a boulder and think about HOW you want to climb it. Reflect on whether your idea and your actual action overruled and draw conclusions for the next attempt. Anyone who moves consciously learns climbing like a language. And the better the vocabulary, the finer are the expressions on the wall.

There are so many wonderful climbing areas on this planet but Fontainebleau offers such a varied movement school, which probably only exists once in this density.

I am a doctor in real life.

Tell us more about the problems that you are setting.
Foto : Anna Stubbe
Foto : Anna Stubbe
Foto : Simon Margon