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Linus Raatz
Foto : Stephan Vogt
Linus Raatz
„Train hard, climb smart!“
1999, Berlin, climbing since 2009, home gmy : Boulderklub Kreuzberg
Why do you climb?
Climbing is for me the most versatile sport there is - physically and mentally! The goal of being as "complete" as possible is so complex and the training is always varied. When it comes to competitions, I am particularly fascinated by the rush of adrenaline and concentration - when you hide everything else, you are 100% there and yet nothing is routine. In addition, climbing connects me and many great people. No sport has a better community!
How does your training look like?
Currently I train mostly 6 days a week - including 4 boulder / lead units (depending on the season), plus training on the campusboard and hangboard, strength training, jogging ... and of course, do not forget to stretch! ;) Before big competitions we do as much as possible competition simulations and onsight training, in order to be well prepared for the specific mode.
Foto : Vertical Captures
What is your advice for beginners?
Just go bouldering or climbing a lot and dare to try as many different styles and movements as possible. For the more ambitious: "If you are the best in space, you are in the wrong room." - I think a motivating, positive environment is important.
Foto : Vertical Captures


Deutscher Jugendcup Lead 2016 in München - 3. Platz

Deutscher Jugendcup Bouldern 2016 in Zweibrücken - 3. Platz

Deutsche Meisterschaft Bouldern 2017 – 13. Platz

Nordostdeutsche Meisterschaft Lead 2018 – 2. Platz

Ostblockcup 2018/19 Gesamtwertung – 3. Platz

Berliner Meister Bouldern 2019 – 1. Platz

Deutsche Meisterschaft Bouldern 2019 - 12. Platz


Nussknacker 8b (Kompanj, Kroatien)

Polymorphie 8a+ Flash (Frankenjura)

La rotule 8a+ (Entraygues, Briancon, Frankreich)

Lolek 8a+ (Leonidio, Griechenland)

Kato 8A (Bahratal)

Motivation 7C (Bahratal)

Zwilling 7C+ (Bahratal)

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