white chalk
crushed, 100g
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Our biggest goal is to be able to produce and offer all products Co2 neutral. The first step is already in progress: we set up a production facility in Hamburg, with which we are producing more and more products to 100% ourselves. As a result, we primarily save transport routes, resources and associated emissions. Once this step is completed, we will validate and compensate emissions generated by our production.




Our packagings are currently made of plastic. The main reason for this is that paper packagings we tested are either a composite material (paper on the outside, plastic on the inside), not dust-proof and at the same time moisture gets absorbed by the chalk. The perfect packaging does unfortunately not exist yet. But this will not stop us - we are constantly experimenting with paper packagings and will gradually remove plastic packagings from our products.

Multiple use

In the near future we will test whether we can set up a chalkball recycling system where empty chalk balls are collected from a gym and refilled by us. The aim of the project is to save any product packaging as well as to use chalk balls multiple times and thus increase the lifespan of this product.



Better air

Especially in production it can get very dusty. Here we wear protective masks, but in the climbing hall you can not escape the dust.

Even though Chalk has no harmful effect, there is no question that there is a lot of dust that should be reduced to make the sport more comfortable indoors.

Our chalk applies very thin and lasts for a long time, which reduces consumption. In addition, we are experimenting with a variety of things to reduce the dust, e.g. with different materials for chalk balls or compositions of our Liquid Chalk. We even managed to get Liquid Chalk almost free from dust - if there wasn't the problem that the grip got a lot worse..
You do have any ideas or suggestions about sustainability? Just send us an email or use the contact details from our contact page.