white chalk
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The idea -
"Colored chalk" - that has been the initial idea.

In 2016, we, this is David & Julian, worked together as a product designer and architect in a Hamburg office when we suddenly had the crazy idea to create colored chalk.

The idea was quickly thrown away when we realized in our home gym Flashh in Hamburg, that both, walls and mats were mostly white and we probably would mess everything up with colors.

But the idea got us more involved with Chalk and we noticed that no one really knew what made Chalk good or bad - not to mention that all packaging did not work well and did not look too good.

Together with a large chemical company we found out that it depends on how much water in the chalk is bound in the form of crystal water. The more water is already in the Chalk, the less it can absorb - and the thicker it will get. Then everything made sense: We brush constantly Chalk of holds and knock our hands off, actually we would have preferred to not have chalk on the skin but just dry hands.

The quintessence:

The thinner the layer on the skin, the better the hold.

After that, we experimented a lot with drying stages and ended up with really good chalk in our hands. Very dry, very thin and therefore the perfect grip on the wall.
Julian Finke
David Laudert
We've been on the road for three months to introduce our chalk to gyms in whole Germany and to collect feedback.
Just attached a sticker to the car - and there we go!
We filled up the car with loads of chalk and luckily found a place to sleep in between.
Our first batch of goods!
Samples, samples & samples.
Keeping the packagings clean was the hardest task during the shoot..
Our Chalk is handmade. For the fine powder we grind the chunks with a pretty old grinder.
No worries - it looks more professional nowadays ;)
Prototype of our very first chalk - filling - machine.
Someone could say that we have literally been a garage startup.
Maybe there will be a new liquid chalk soon?
A chalkbag needs to be chalkproof.
The material for our chalkbags come from our co-lab parnter Heimplanet.
Did you know, our ingredients come from China, Germany and the Netherlands - and we have been everywhere in person.
Time for a new bag full of chalk.